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The latest stable release of PDFAura products is available from the download links below. You can freely download and install it on your computer. If the download doesn't start automatically, click the following link:

Free PDF to Word/Excel/JPG/TIFF/HTML Converter Free

Although PDF is probably the most popular, widely used and pervasive file formats on the Internet nowadays, it is not supported by most browsers, not easy to edit and requires additional software like PDF reader to view it. Free PDF to Word/Excel/JPG/TIFF/HTML Converter comes with a serial of tools to make viewing and editing PDF easier. This free PDF converter software can convert PDF to Word & PDF to Excel while keeping the original data and structural integrity intact, like original text layout, images, headers/footers, bookmarks/hyperlinks, table formatting, etc.; It also supports convert PDF to TIFF for printout & fax; The ability to convert PDF to JPG enables you to share them in your Facebook or view them in ACDsee; What's more, it can convert PDF to HTML so that it can be viewed as web page in your browser.

Download This Product

File: FreePDFtoWordExcelJPGTIFFHTMLConverter.exe

Languages: English

Help Language: English


Links More sources: FreePDFtoWordExcelJPGTIFFHTMLConverter.exe - free-pdf-to-word.org

Uninstalling Our Products

All the Free or Trial version programs have a fully Windows?compliant uninstall procedure. If you want to remove a previously installed program, you can do it easily using the built-in procedure:

  • Choose Start > Program Files
  • A list of entries is displayed, choose the uninstall procedure for the program you want to remove;
  • The uninstall program is launched, follow the procedure;
  • If you have created documents you may want to remove them manually;


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